Thursday, 22 August 2013

Am I a domestic goddess now?

Makes me sound like Carrie in Sex in the City - she always started her diary with a question.  No I don't have her money or figure (not even one out of two) so actually it's more like Anthea Turner for me!!!!!  Or is it Aggie and Kim? - don't answer that.

In a recent post I said that I had 4 weeks to get the house in a position where we could be out within a week.

I've now spent nearly 5 weeks cleaning, cleaning, clearing, clearing the house.  I've had enough!!!!  The school holidays started 5 weeks ago and I haven't had one day out, visited friends or done all the things I wanted to do. But........................

this is the first day that I have actually done ALL the jobs that I have to do and can go for a cup of tea with a friend without feeling that I should be at home doing something. So I thought I'd take some time out to update my blog. I've still got stuff to get rid of and I haven't finished clearing out everything but I do think that we could get out in two weeks at the most. The cellar and the shed are to be done this weekend.

But for the last nearly two weeks it's been the kitchen.  The problem is the more time I have to do something the longer it takes, which is compounded because I've the attention span of a goldfish (I think that's my age) and "just checking my emails" is soooo much more interesting than cleaning.  So every cupboard - and there's 14 of them in my kitchen - has been emptied, cleared and cleaned and the rubbish thrown away and the minimum put back in.  Then there were the 9 drawers to do as well. 

So now I'm sooooo proud of my achievement (well it is nearly 9 years since the kitchen was put in) and I'm not saying that I've never cleaned out the cupboards, but they've certainly never all been done at the same time.  I keep having the urge to open the cupboards and say "oooohhh it's sooooo clean".  So does that make me a domestic goddess or is that really just sad, I think I have finally flipped. Hubby said the other day - I bet Hazel doesn't keep opening her cupboards to see how clean they are - but that's because they are always clean and it's no big deal. Oh and then it was the oven yesterday - can't resist opening the doors and peering in - I'm really not well am I?

Anyway after 7 years in the planning, the thought fear of Full-timing hit home last weekend and during a fairly heated discussion I was heard to utter the words that I hoped I would never say - "This is your dream, not mine!!!".  Ooops, the words brick, drop and lead come to mind, bit of a conversation stopper. Well I do want to go but I would never have thought of  it myself and I really like living here. But then I'm not the one who goes out to work every day to pay for it.

Then today, after 4 weeks we had the first viewing on our house for letting.  They guy seemed keen enough but that will only be measured by whether or not he's happy to part with his money. He wants to bring his children back to see the house next week.  The downside is that he wants it from 23rd September - aaaaaahhhhhh.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed - that he does want it of course.

Well I suppose the boss will be home from work soon so I'd better go and start on tea.  Oh I could never be "just" a housewife - it would drive me mad - or has it already after only 5 weeks - watch this space.

The last time I said that (watch this space) to a husband I left him 4 weeks later!!!!!

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